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    Congrats ladies! WTG Melanie!!! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!


    Congratulations to the new team!!! I popped over here from RObyn's blog. SO happy to see her on the team. Her work is gorgeous! :)

    Michelle M.

    Congrats to all the girls! Looking forward to getting to know all of you and current DT's! Soooo excited!

    diana daijogo

    Congratulations everyone!!!
    An extra YAH!! for Melanie!! Way to go!!

    Liz Qualman

    Well done ladies! You are going to have so much fun with the new product - lucky ducks!

    Jana Eubank

    Welcome, Girls!!! HUGE congratulations to all of you! :D :D :D

    Rochelle S.

    congratulations Ladies!

    Michele Reed

    Wow...this going to be a fabulous team!! Special whoop whoops for my betties...Erin and Heather! :)

    Kristin Faust

    Congrats to everyone! Wow that was a fast turnaround!

    lucy edson

    Congrats, ladies!! What an incredible team!! :D


    Congrats Ladies! You are going to have so much fun!


    Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see all the creations!


    Congrats, gals!!!! Can't wait to work with all of you!!!
    And, Pamela! WOOHOO!


    Congrats! I know there will beautiful projects to come!

    Melanie S.

    Congrat's to all the ladies. I'm so excited to get started!

    Heidi Sonboul

    This is so exciting :) WOOHOO for everyone :)
    I'm so excited to be working with you all and even more with Robyn and Beth ;)
    Love ya girls!


    HUGE congrats ladies!!!


    Way to Go Ladies!! Congrats PAMELA (((((((hugs)))))))!!!!

    Jen Martakis

    Congrats ladies!! What an awesome team!! A special shout out to Pamela and Michelle!! WOOHOO girlies!!

    erin payne

    Yahoo, this is going to be a hoot! I am so excited to meet everyone!


    Huge congratulations ladies!! So glad to have you join the team!! This is going to be a great ride!!


    Congrats ladies. I have followed Robyn and oh so love her work. MLS has one amazing team!!!!

    erin yamabe

    hi there!
    congratulations to our new additions to the mls family:)
    you girls are so talented, and will totally be rockin the new products this summer!
    happy weekend all!


    So happy to see my girl Melanie here! It's her birthday today and I know this made her day! YaY Mel!!!!! Congrats to everyone!

    Robyn Weatherspoon

    WhoooooHoooooo!!! Congratulations ladies! I'm still jumping up and down!

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