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    Bri @ Design's by Bri

    Love the halloween items!!! My favorite and most memorable halloween costum was Donald Duck. I was in grade school and it was the best halloween I can remember!!!


    My favorite costume is my son's 1st Halloween costume. We dressed him as a Hershey's kiss. He was round and plump, so the costume looked great. We got so tickled at the hat. It was a little kiss with the Hershey paper coming out of it. It sort of looked like the Pope's hat. We still talk about that costume and how much it made us laugh.

    Jean Marmo

    Gorgeous colors. A really fun line! Love those roll up flowers!!

    Tara M

    Love the 3-D flower idea! Favourite memory of a costume would have to be the year my youngest wore a cow costume and in about 10 minutes I put together a scarecrow costume for the oldest. I use a big paper flower on his hat and cut strips of yellow fabric for straw duck taped to the cuffs of his jeans and plaid shirt and out the pockets. A little plaid fabric stuck in his back pocket and a small patch on the leg. So easy and absolutly adorable as they were only 1 and 3 at the time.

    Kirsteen Young

    Super cute Halloween collection. I love, love, love the roll up flowers :)

    Ann House

    I love the new Too Cute to Spook line! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and the dies that coordinate with it. It’s scary but it’s still cute enough for kid’s layouts and Halloween Cards!
    The designers did a great job on this one. I’m fond of Halloween because my birthday is October 31st !!!


    Oh wow, another amazingly cute collection! I love it so much! the Unity Stamps have to be my favs. I can see myself using them over and over again:)

    BEth W

    I swear I commented early-but I've looked 3x and don't see it.I love this collection-I like to make Halloween cards for kids and this is perfect.Plus your new flowers are fantastic!
    I met my husband on Halloween-best memory there is!

    rachel christensen

    Great Colours and the paper is so adorable. Can`t wait to let my Local Scrapbook store to order these in!!!


    What a great new collection! I love the Cottage Cutz that go with it! My best costume memory is when I was Snow White two years ago and I wore the costume to the school I working at. Two little Kindergartners thought I was really Snow White and they asked me what time I had to go back to Disneyland!


    If this is NOT the most adorable Halloween collection, I don't know what is!!! So love it!


    Love it!

    Best halloween memory.. the homemade costumes my mom used to make.. one year my sister and all our friends went as cartoon characters.. bugs bunny, tweety, sylvester, grannie, casper and wendy, daffy duck.. etc..


    FUN! I'd love to give those roll-up flowers a try!

    Melinda Maierhoffer

    Love this! This will be on my list for my Halloween photos this year.

    Clare G.

    I love them all, I don't think I can decide-the roll up flowers are really cute, but the dies are adorable, too.


    This is just a darling set and I LOVE the stamps and dies that coordinate with it! As for my favorite Halloween costume memory, that would be the year my mom made my 2 sisters and I jailbird costumes out of white cloth with hand-drawn stripes. She made my brother an old fashioned policeman outfit, complete with billy club. Paper chains hooked us all together as my brother led his chain gang through the neighborhood!

    Brandy Williams

    This is such a cute Halloween line! Love Love Love it! My fave memory is when DH dressed up as James Dean and I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. Very fun times!

    Angele J

    Another totally cute collection.

    Linda's Paperie

    Cute Halloween papers!

    When my oldest was in 7th or 8th grade, she dressed up as crazy cat lady, which involved using a shawl and gathering all of the stuffed cats we had in the house (there were over 10 of them) and put them in a basket. She got a lot of compliments from the neighbors and most of them didn't have to ask who she was.

    Sandy Ang

    I'll have to be bobbing for apples as a kid. I was the absolute last to get an apple !

    Karla A

    cute release, love the rolled flower sheet.

    Samantha T

    Very cute! Love the spiderweb diecut.

    Melinda Wilson

    I love to use "bright" halloween paper and these will definitely work great!

    Ann in PA

    Loving the roll up flowers. My favorite memory of Halloween is when my middle son realized knocking on a door got you candy. His eyes lit up, and he did not want to stop.


    Love those little Halloween figures!

    ** Kate **

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