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    Karen Watson

    Thanks Ladies, I can relax now lol xxxx

    Tracey Locher

    You're killin me, Smalls! ;-) Another great video... but you better tell Camille to order more MLS! Looks like she is almost out!

    Hundreds of submissions... WOW! You know, a gal can go through a TON of chocolate between now and June 7th... ;-) Heather, want to meet me at spin to work off these stress calories!?


    regarding the dt calls, we will be calling and emailing on june 7th.
    the mls girls!

    Dalovely Damanda

    I'm clicking on my "like" button here while watching! haha love the gag reel


    Hilarious stuff!

    Karen Watson

    Oh no I will be on vacation until 11th June, (not that I have a chance of being picked) will you also e-mail if you can't reach people by phone?

    Karen xxx


    hee hee love it girlies!

    Michelle in Boise

    R O T F L @ "we're like National Geographic here" - HILARIOUS. I love these videos!

    Audrey Yeager

    You ladies crack me, about your imaginary friends.....

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