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    Love always with MLS!!!


    Oooooo, lOVE this, and I don't even scrap girls. But the colors are amazing. And I can definitely use those buttons. :)


    Totally cute!




    I don't know about this. I like some of the pp (the more solid ones with the graphic backgrounds) but the others look a little too cutesy for me. Personally, I'm starting to get a bit on overload with all the cutesy cutesy little kids lines lately. I mean, some of it is okay, but it seems like everybody's going to it now. I do have grandchildren, and some of them are of that age bracket that would look okay with this stuff on their pages, but I also have plenty of younger adults and older kids too! This cute kids' style definitely has its place and there's lots of scrappers out there who need and love this style, so I'm glad they have such a huge selection available. But, I'm wanting to see something too more suitable for the older kids. (More so than just a few die cuts of cell phones and Ipod-like images. And without so much bling, too, there are teenage boys, too, ya know?) But that's just my opinions and tastes.....

    Tracey Campbell

    Ohh oohh oh I want it now!!!

    Kendra Wiggins

    I absolutely LOVE this!!! As a designer, I can see Tons of possibilities to create with this whole line! Great Job! :-)

    Kathleen Glossop

    Weeeee!!!!! Gorgeous colors, love the banners, and my gosh my niece is gonna look super cute with these papers!



    oh yes, very adorable!!



    Leanne Love

    OMG this is just too freaking adorable and I want the whole lot. Cannot wait for them to be released

    Cindy S

    OMGosh! I am just SO EXCITED by those colors and banners! LOVE it!

    Jana Eubank

    Cute! I definitely need this collection with three daughters! Love the colors!


    yippee skippee, LOVE the colors here, an early favorite!

    taj white

    to darn cute!

    Tracey Locher

    Wooooo and a Hooooo and a WOOP DE DOOOOO!!!

    hilde janbroers


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